The chariots of the Gods

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…The day was amazingly peaceful. The night was shockingly quiet even though they were at a war. The moon was round and beautiful, standing and staring at them as though within reach. It was during this night that Makabela gave birth to Metiana her only child. When she was born, water sprang from beneath the earth surface close by where she laid down. The warriors and the populace at the refuge site drank the freshest water they ever had from it. It was the water of life. She was surrounded by Nkeng, the peace tree that was used by the inhabitants for various rites. That night the stars shone as never before and were also countless and bigger in the sky. Many citizens of the kingdoms said that they had seen the moon dance all over the territories. It was also said that the stars danced as Metiana was brought into the world. Her baby body shone as a celestial body and the woman who welcomed her into this world har her hands contaminated by the blossoming light. Makabela was assisted at her task by some of the ladies who had fled with them. Everyone present drank of the life giving water. her husband stayed close by as the rest of the warriors had advanced some distances away…

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Dimensions 14 × 19 cm


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