Economic intelligence : A powerful weapon in the global economic battle

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The fall of the Berlin Wall eroded the East-West ideological confrontation and marked the beginning of a new era promoting the primacy of the economy over ideology. The ideological bipolarity the world had been experiencing thus gave way to free flow of trade.

This new era brought about several opportunities : gradual collapse of borders  ; market size increase ; e-trading ; stiffer competition in economic activities , etc. While the smartest one would take advantage of these opportunities to optimize their profits, lazy people see them as threats. in this book, Dr. Paul K. Fokam presents, using a direct and concise approach, the four reasons for urgently appropriating economic intelligence as a weapon.

In Africa, economic intelligence is still unknown, if not completely unacknowledged.

May this reflection contribute to raising the awareness of our beloved African Continent that we are in an irreversible, necessary, ruthless and frightful economic war.

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